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  • 100 W Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  • (909) 381 - 3706
  • OPEN 8am - 9pm DAILY
  • 100 W Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  • (909) 381 - 3706
  • OPEN 8am - 9pm DAILY
  • 100 W Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  • (909) 381 - 3706
  • OPEN 8am - 9pm DAILY

Education center

Methods of Consumption

Choosing what’s right for you 

When it comes to choosing the correct product for an individual’s needs one should take into consideration the following factors: Bio-individuality, tolerance, and cannabinoid/ terpene content. For example due to bio-individuality one person might be able to smoke large amounts of THC but may not be able to eat the same amount of THC. Bio-individuality also affects a persons tolerance to cannabinoids. Some people have a high natural tolerance and may need a higher level than is recommended for a beginner. Other individuals can build a tolerance level that may be higher than is desirable for the individual. A tolerance break is recommended for those individuals who wish to lower their tolerance, generally two weeks vastly changes tolerance, while anything over a month becomes redundant. A recently discovered condition called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome that is linked with heavy chronic use has been shown to cause vomiting, nausea, severe gastrointestinal discomfort and compulsive bathing. This condition can be aided by taking a break from consuming cannabis.

Understanding the relationship between your own body’s bio-individuality and tolerance to cannabinoids is a key factor in deciding the most effective dosage for your body. For example, if your tolerance was fairly low, high THC but low cannabinoid/terpene products would most likely be effective in providing an ample high. Although, if you find that those same products don’t give you the potent effect that they once did, you would likely want to search for products with higher cannabinoid and terpene contents, with less focus on the THC concentration.

The next question that you would need to ask yourself is what method of consumption would provide you with adequate results. Choosing your method of consumption will vary from person to person depending on what you’re comfortable with, what you can tolerate, and what fits your lifestyle. There are options for pretty much everybody, but be mindful that it might take time to find your perfect dose or perfect product.

As we are a recreational cannabis store we can only sell a certain of about of cannabis per person per day. It is important to take the daily purchase limits in mind when choosing the consumption method that is right for the individual. While medical cannabis patents don’t have the same purchase limits by law we cannot accommodate them at our store. The daily purchase limit is 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis and eight thousand milligrams on concentrated cannabis. 

Check Yourself before you wreck yourself 

While no one has up to present time overdosed on Cannabis, many users will experience cannabis overconsumption. The best way to avoid this is by knowing your limits and consuming within those limits. If you are unsure of your limits because its a new consumption method be proactive and start small. Even with our best efforts and precautions seasoned stoners can still experience overconsumption so it is helpful to know what to do in case you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation.

The most common causes of overconsumption tend to be edibles because of their delayed effect. However it is possible to over consume beyond the users comfort level with any cannabis product. Common symptoms of overconsumption are anxiety, paranoia, nausea, and vomiting.

A few things to try should you over-consume cannabis: 

  • Stay calm.
  • Hydrate.
  • Sniff or chew on peppercorns.
  • Try to sleep it off if you can.
  • If you feel too energized go for a walk in a familiar environment.
  • Take a shower or bath.
  • Find something to distract yourself with.
  • Try consuming some CBD to ground yourself.
  • If you feel comfortable eat some candy or a peppermint. 

*While these tips and tricks can help, your bio individuality will affect how fast you can process the cannabis in your system. There is no one quick fire way to sober up, only time can do that.* 

Three Main Ways To Consume Cannabis 

There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis, but they fall into three general categories with subcategories therein. 

  • Inhaling
    1. Smoking
    2. Dabbing
    3. Vaping
    4. Specialty Items, I.e. Inhaler
  • Ingesting
    1. Edibles
    2. Tinctures/RSO
    3. Suppositories
  • Topical Use
    1. Balms
    2. Salves
    3. Lotions
    4. Patches 

Smoking your Cannabis 

The most common form of cannabis consumption is inhaling. The unifying idea behind smoking your flower is heat, usually in the form of fire. When cannabis is set ablaze, the THC-A gets decarboxylated immediately, turning it into THC. This makes it one of the simplest and quickest ways to consume cannabis. As easy as lighting the cannabis on fire and inhaling. In order to do this, a vessel of some kind is required. While there are plenty of benefits to consuming your cannabis through inhalation, it does come with its own drawbacks. Those drawbacks mainly entail smell, the inhalation of hot smoke, and the implication that has on your lung health. There are methods to minimize those drawbacks, although there is no way to completely mitigate the effects smoking cannabis causes. Generally, smoking cannabis tends to be easily portable, however you can’t smoke cannabis everywhere. Refer to local legislation to determine your responsibilities as a cannabis consumer. The shapes, sizes, materials and accessories of many of the items we will be talking about vary depending on the producer, as this is meant to provide general references, not an exhaustive list. The effects of cannabis typically last anywhere from three to four hours. 

What you can smoke 

When choosing to smoke cannabis you are limited to a few products generally flower and concentrates. 

  • Flower: the cornerstone of the weed market, generally separated into indoor grown vs outdoor, quality determined by structure of bud, cannabinoid/terpene content, look, and smell.
  • Shake: sugar leaves and plant matter fallen from full bud flower, usually sold at a discounted price.
  • Kief: trichome heads that fall from the flower before smoking, usually during the rolling or grinding process. Can be added to flower for potency or smoked on its own. 

Flower Quality 

The quality of cannabis flower is determined by a variety of factors. These factors include smell, color, bud structure, the trim of the plant, the trichome production, genetics and more. In our store we have four separate shelves for flower: bottom, mid, top and private reserve. These shelves determine the price range of our flower selection. It should be noted that just because its on the top shelf it does not mean that the experience will be better than a bottom shelf selection. Generally the higher THC content can be found in the top and private reserve shelves however THC levels vary across shelves. Furthermore most indoor grown flower is located in the top and private reserve shelves. Indoor grown flower tends to cost more than sun grown flower due to the extra costs that indoor growing incurs as you gain more control of the variables involved in growing cannabis.

When it comes to guiding your customers to high quality flower in whatever shelf fits their budget there are a few things to consider: 

  • Smell
    1. Pungent and fragrant, if you can smell it from a distance it is indicative of higher quality.
  • Color
    1. Most weed is predominantly green however purples, reds, oranges and yellows do occur naturally as well. You want vibrant appealing colors. 
  • Bud Structure
    1. A. Well cultivated bud can vary from light and fluffy to tight and dense. You want a bud that holds its shape and feels sticky and slightly spongy. 
  • Trim
    1. A properly trimmed bud removes the fan and sugar leaves which can create a harsher smoke bringing down the overall quality. Occasionally, if the sugar leaves are covered in trichomes they are left behind. 
  • Trichome Production
    1. The more a bud is covered in trichomes the better the quality, trichomes contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes that make the cannabis experience unique. Often bud that is covered in trichomes is referred as “frosty.” 
  • Genetics
    1. The genetics of the flower can affect the above mentioned factors so its important to look for genetics that match the desired traits. 

Rolled Cannabis 

Joints and Blunts are the most common form of rolled cannabis. You may have also have heard these referred to as prerolls, doobies, marijuana cigarettes, L’s, pinners, you name it. While the name may change, at its most basic form these consist of ground up cannabis flower rolled into a cigarette-like shape and smoked. Cannabis can be rolled in a handful of different materials, changing the experience you may have. If your rolling skills aren’t up to par you can purchase pre-rolled wraps to fill with the flower of your choosing. 

Different Wrap Materials:

  • Rice: minimal flavor interference, slow burn, for intermediate rollers.
  • Hemp: mild flavor, slow burn, for beginner rollers.
  • Celullose: no flavor, slower burn, advanced rollers.
  • Tobacco: strongest flavor, slowest burn, for beginner rollers. 

Dry Pipes 

The benefits between joints and dry pipes tend to overlap with the distinction of the pipes being less wasteful and requiring less cannabis. Pipes are made of many different material but commonly made of glass, metal or silicone. Other items such as fruit, bottles, or wood have been utilized but are not recommended. 

Three main types of pipes:

  • One-hitter: most portable, smallest bowls, easy to clean.
  • Spoon pipe: bigger bowl, cooler smoke.
  • Steamroller: moderate bowl, highly concentrated smoke and good for larger doses.
  • Hash Pipes: much like a spoon pipe, but with a smaller hole to accommodate for finer material. 

The Power of Percolation 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of smoking but joints and pipes are too harsh, consider getting a piece with percolation. These are commonly referred to as: bubblers, bongs, and rigs. Percolation is pulling the smoke from your cannabis through water bubbles to filter away some of the smoke’s irritants. We will be focusing more on bubbler and bongs on this section as rigs tend to be used more for dabbing 

  • Bubblers: more portable and smaller, shares many benefits with pipes but has the added bonus of filtration.
  • Bongs: provides filtration through water percolators either found in the glass or through your down stem. Some feature ice catchers to help cool down smoke, ash catchers to filter plant material from your water, and allow for more control over pace of consumption than joints. 

Enhancing Your Smoking Experience 

There is not a perfect way to smoke, the needs and preferences of the consumer will dictate the ideal method, however there are certain tools and tricks to further fine tune the experience. While these are predominantly used for smoking flower some of these can be applied to dabbing.

  • Hemp Wick
    1. Made of hemp and bees wax they provide a lower temperature alternative to lighters and you can avoid inhaling the contaminants found in lighters.
  • Grinder
    1. A tool for evenly breaking apart your flower buds to create a smoother burn. Many come with Kief catchers to collect the trichomes that fall during the grinding process.
  • Matches
    1. Provides a lower temperature burn so you don’t accidentally burn off all the cannabinoids.
  • Water filtration
    1. As mentioned before some smoking pieces can filter the smoke through water or ice. This filtration creates a smoother smoke. This can be further enhanced by the temperature of the water be sure to experiment with warm or cold water as well as ice if possible.
  • Screens
    1. Use these when smoking out of bowls to keep ashes and other plant matter from being accidentally inhaled and help keep the piece a lot cleaner.
    2. Use them to accurately dose out the ideal amount to smoke. Be sure to get one that can accurately measure half gram increments. 
  • Humidity Packs
    1. Use these to prevent flower from drying out too much or revive flower that has been dried too much. 
  • Filter Tips
    1. Made from a variety of materials (glass, wood, corn husk, hemp, and cardboard) when used in pre-rolls can help to prevent accidentally inhaling plant matter or resin. 
  • Smoke Buddies
    1. A convenient way to minimize smoke odor that filters away the smell and vapor. 
  • Salt and isopropyl 
    1. The classic way of cleaning most pieces. The isopropyl removes the sticky residue and sanitizes the piece while the salt acts like a scrubbing agent. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out with water. 
  • Cotton swabs 
    1. When dipped in alcohol can be used to clean and maintain bangers and bowls between deep cleanings and smoke sessions.
  • MouthPeace Filters
    1. Usable on glass and joints, helps filter smoke before inhaling lending to a cleaner experience. 

Dabbing/Vaporizing Concentrates 

For cannabis users that desire a more potent experience than smoking flower, dabbing THC extracts is also an option. Dabbing usually entails taking a small amount of cannabis extract and dropping it on a pre-heated piece in order to vaporize the concentrate. This delivers a potent and concentrated dose of THC in one inhalation. The smell is also greatly reduced and overall delivers the same if not a higher dose of THC without having to consume a lot of product. There are many types of extracts but they tend to fall into two categories ( solvent-based and solvent-less extracts) that will be detailed in the following pages. Dabbing requires the use of special equipment in order to consume it which will also be discussed in the following pages. Because of the intensity of the effects that dabbing can produce this is not a method of consumption recommended for beginners. Dabbing tends to produce a short but intense experience typically lasting 1-2 hours for more seasoned users, but results can vary.

Because of the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes being accepted into the body at such a rapid pace, first time users may find themselves overwhelmed. Start small and work your way up for best results. If overdone, user may experience light headedness, nausea, and even loss of consciousness. 

Tools needed for dabbing 

Like with smoking there are a variety of ways to dab concentrates, but the basic tools needed to get the job done include: a rig, a banger, a torch, a dab tool and a carb cap. They each have a unique purpose, which we’ll go over now. 


  • Rig: a bong or bubbler specifically used for dabbing, usually with one or more percolators. When used for dabbing, it is recommended to only use that piece for extracts. Smoking flower out of dab rigs leaves an unpleasant taste in the rig, and rigs with more intricate percolation are harder to clean off plant particulates, making for a non ideal experience.
  • Dab Tool: usually a piece of metal, glass, or quartz that is used to transfer your concentrate from its container into the banger.
  • Banger: the receptacle for your wax that retains the heat and vaporizes your product. Often in the shape of a bucket with airflow attached to the rig through a stem or hole found on the rig.
  • Carb Cap: a carb cap is placed on top of the banger after the oil is inserted, helping create restricted airflow through the banger. This restricted airflow vaporizes the concentrates more efficiently, giving you more flavor as well as a more complete burning of your product. 

Torch: a handheld heating device, usually fueled by butane gas, that you use to heat your banger to adequate temperatures to vaporize your product 

Taking A Dab 

Dabbing concentrates seems like a lot of moving parts, but is really simple when you boil it down.


  • Prepare your dab by taking your dab tool and collecting a small amount of your concentrate onto the tip. A dab slightly smaller than a pea should be enough for your first experience, while larger dabs may be needed depending on your tolerance to concentrates.
  • Heat the banger up with the torch. This step provides the most variance, in that every banger retains heat differently. American-made thick quartz bangers are ideal, but working with your banger to find your ideal temperature is necessary for the optimal experience. Generally, you heat your banger past the temperature you plan on dabbing at and let it cool to your ideal temperature.
  • When your banger is at the correct temperature, you’ll drop your concentrate from the dab tool and onto the surface of the banger. While inhaling through the rig, rest your carb cap on the banger safely and enjoy! 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Do
    1. Be aware of your surroundings when heating your banger, open flames like to catch things on fire.
    2. Clean your banger of residue after every use.
    3. Be mindful of the temperature of your equipment
    4. Use high quality butane fuel
    5. Have water handy
    6. Change the water in your rig often
  • Don’ts
    1. Use equipment sensitive to high temperatures
    2. Dab while the banger is glowing red hot or too cold, finding the perfect temperature range is ideal. We’ll get into how to find your temperature later.
    3. Smoke mystery wax
    4. Don’t hold your hit.
    5. Don’t feel the need to show off.
    6. Don’t leave a lit torch unattended. 

Optimizing the Dabbing Experience 

While our knowledge of cannabis continues expanding, so does our understanding of how to optimally consume cannabis and its concentrates. When taking dabs, a few factors will play a major role in your experience.

One of the most important things to determine is the material that the banger is made out of and that specific bangers ability to retain heat. Quartz is one of the most popular banger materials, due to its ability to absorb and hold heat efficiently. Other materials such as ceramic and titanium bangers generally take longer to heat up and alter the flavor of your concentrate slightly, making quartz the optimal choice for the every day dabber looking for quality taste as well as optimal burns.

A widely popular technique to bring some consistency to your experience is by using a timer. The technique here is to start your timer as you start your heating process, and heat your banger for the same amount of time each time, usually about 40 seconds to a minute and fifteen seconds. After the heating process, leave your timer running. Giving the banger a bit of time to cool down, put a small test dab of wax into your banger and note the time passed since heating. Your end result should leave some leftover oil in the banger that is a dark shade of brown. If the concentrate darkens any more than brown, the banger is too hot and you should let your banger cool more on your next attempt. 

Timing dabs and finding the perfect temperature without a temperature device can be tough, and for customers who want a little more control over their concentrate consumption might want to look into easier ways to find their perfect fit. Products such as E-Nails, fully electronic rigs, infrared temperature devices, and thermometers calibrated for high heat can give customers more accuracy in experimentation with banger temperatures, allowing for selective vaporization of your cannabis concentrates and the chemical compounds found therein. These products generally come at a bit of a price, but can drastically improve the consistency and potency of your cannabis smoking experience.

Choosing the type of extract that you consume will also have an affect on your experience, as there are many different forms that we will go over. BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is the classic form of concentrates that hit the market first, including consistencies like crumble and shatter, followed by the more connoisseur form of BHO by the name of Live Resin. Live resins are extracts from cannabis buds or leaves that were freshly harvested, giving a more flavorful and cannabinoid filled final product, in a range of consistencies similar to classic BHO. A new wave of products are starting to become more and more common in shops, including ours, of solvent-less concentrates. Solvent-less “Rosin” and Water Hash is different than resin in that they don’t use solvents to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes, yielding a more true to the flower experience in a concentrated dose. Rosin is found in similar consistencies to BHO and Live Resins, but are considered the top of the line in cannabis extracts. 

Types of Extracts 

  • Solventless
    1. Bubble Hash
    2. Finger Hash
    3. Full-melt hash
    4. Rosin
  • Solvent
    1. Shatter
    2. Sugar
    3. Badder
    4. Sauce
    5. Diamonds
    6. Distillate 

Solvent-less Extractions 

THC and other trichomes are extracted from the plant without the use of solvents. Most methods of solvent less extraction use alternate mechanical methods to extract the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes leaving the most whole, true to plant experience. 

  • Bubble Hash
    1. Made by placing cannabis flower inside of a filter bag with dry ice or ice water. The bag is agitated and the trichomes/resin that make it through the micron bag and into the water are filtered through different sized bags, collected, and dried to create bubble hash. The end product’s clarity and quality will determine the ideal smoking method.
  • Finger Hash
    1. Traditional methods involve rubbing the cannabis plant leaves between your hands until the resin forms a shiny and sticky consistency throughout the friction and heat produced when rubbed between the hands. The end product can be added to your flower for more potency or smoked on its own in a pipe.
  • Full melt Hash
    1. Bubble hash of a certain quality is deemed “Full Melt” hash, or hash that leaves little to no burnt plant matter residue when dabbed/vaporized.
  • Rosin
    1. Heat and pressure is applied to the cannabis flower or bubble hash to activate and concentrate the desired cannabinoids. Heat and agitation can modify the consistency. Due to its solvent less nature, you get the most accurate flavor profile and therapeutic benefits from consuming rosin products. For optimal results, dab at low temperatures, generally between 480-540 degrees. 

Bubble Hash
Light brown/ sandy colors reflect best quality 

Full melt hash 

Finger Hash 

Hash Rosin 

Flower Rosin 

Solvent Extractions 

These extractions rely on solvents to extract the desired cannabinoids. Most common being Butane and Carbon Dioxide (co2). Other hydrocarbons can be used but are not as common. Alcohol is also used for extraction as well, mainly for RSO. Because of the use of solvents, you tend to lose terpene and cannabinoids. 

  • Shatter
    1. Translucent and glass like, best extracted with butane or carbon dioxide.
  • Sugar
    1. Shiny, sticky and crumbly with micro crystals of THC floating in terpenes.
  • Badder/ Budder
    1. Soft solid consistency similar to frosting or butter.
  • Sauce
    1. Non-uniform in texture with a liquid, sticky consistency. Tends to be the most flavorful of the solvent extracts due to its high terpene content.
  • Diamonds
    1. Crystalline THCA structures sometimes suspended in sauce. On their own you can expect a relatively tasteless but extremely potent experience, although when paired with sauce/terpenes, the full effect is realized.
  • Distillate
    1. A heavily processed, up to 99% pure extraction of cannabis flower using Butane/CO2, and ethanol to purify and extract isolated cannabinoids and terpenes. 



Vaporizing your cannabis is a generally healthier alternative to combusting/smoking your cannabis. Cannabis vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes and tend to fit a handful of different purposes. Vaporizers can handle either cannabis flower or cannabis concentrates, while some vaporizers have the ability to do both.

The main difference between smoking cannabis and vaporizing cannabis is the lack of combustion in vaporizing. When vaporizing cannabis flower, heating devices are raised to a temperature usually in-between the range of 200º-350º Fahrenheit. Avoiding the combustion temperature of cannabis, 392º Fahrenheit, avoids the inhalation of the more harmful bi-products of smoking cannabis, including carcinogens, tar, and more.

Beyond just the benefits of inhaling a cleaner vapor, heating cannabis without combusting it also lends a more flavorful and aromatic hit. Cannabis terpenes have a lower boiling point than that of the other compounds in cannabis, meaning lower temperature hits will lend a unique flavor based on the concentration of terpenes in the flower. Slowly raising the temperature of your flower chamber during your session will help confirm that you vaporize all of the beneficial compounds of your flower and ensures you get the most out of your material.

When picking your vaporizer, the user should ask themselves first whether they want to use the product for just flower, concentrates, or if they want a product that can do both. The next factor to consider would be the portability, as many vapes come in handheld sizes while others require a power cord and a more stable, concrete setting.

It should be noted that because of the efficiency in extracting cannabinoids less flower material is required to acquire similar effects to smoking your cannabis.

Types of Vaporizers 

  • Pen Vaporizers
    1. Batteries that fit concentrate cartridges, most common form of vaporization on the market. Almost always use conduction heating, allowing for overheating/burning.
  • Portable Vaporizers
    1. Usually made for flower, features a heating space for your product and heats through convection or conduction to provide a smooth, tasty vapor.
  • Desktop/Stationary Vaporizers
    1. Usually a larger machine that requires a power cord to be plugged in for use. These sacrifice the portability of handheld devices for a higher quality vapor from optimized heating sources. 

Pen Vaporizers 

The only type of vaporizer we sell at the store. The most common forms are the disposables, 510 cartridges, dart pods, and Plug n Play. With the exception of the disposables all other systems require the purchase of an independent battery and cartridge/pod. 

  • Disposables:
    1. Use until the oil inside runs out, cannot be refilled, largest size we carry is a half gram.
  • 510 cartridges:
    1. Have the largest variety, fairly universal, comes in half or full grams.
  • Dart pods:
    1. Limited compatibility, only have 4 companies, more inconspicuous, comes only in half grams
  • Plug n Play:
    1. Only works with company pods, limited to about 13 different flavors/strains, comes only in full grams.
  • CUREpod:
    1. About 12 different strains, only one company (West Coast Cure) produces the pods. Comes in half gram pods 

Portable Vaporizers 

These vaporizers do not need to be connected to a power source in order to operate and tend to be small enough to take outside with you. In our lounge we have the Dr Dabber Switch for the customers to enjoy. 

  • Small enough to hold with one hand
  • Battery life lasts a few sessions, some are heated with lighters.
  • Some are on-demand allowing you to inhale as needed whereas session vapes require you to smoke the entire bowl in one sitting.
  • Can handle concentrate or flower or both depending on the model.
  • Some can be filtered through water.
  • Some models have a dosing system to control consumption. 

Tabletop/ Stationary Vaporizers 

These vaporizers tend to be a lot larger and must be plugged into a power source in order to operate. In our consumption lounge we have the volcano vaporizers for our customers to enjoy.

  • Larger bowls allow for larger plant material or dabs
  • Best for groups to smoke since the vapor output is larger
  • Can reach higher temperatures and tend to have more settings.
  • Usually come equipped with a more refined heating process, allowing for more efficient vaporization. 


Our store does have an actual inhaler that dispenses 5 mg of THC per puff. Different from a vaporizer, the inhaler does not produce vapor although some of the more sensitive consumers may still find the inhalers output irritating to their lungs. In addition the inhaler provides measured and consistent doses in a way that most other ways of inhaling cannabis lack. It would also provide the most discreet way to inhale cannabis we have available. 

Ingesting Cannabis 

Another extremely common form of cannabis consumption is ingesting. With ingestion, your body breaks down the product in your stomach and allows the rest of your digestive tract to break down the THC into a different form of THC, 11- Hydroxy THC. This converted form of THC is a more reactive, and usually more sedative form of THC, that binds in your body for longer periods of time. Highs coming from ingesting cannabis tend to last longer, while taking more time to take effect. Although generally edibles can take up to two hours for the user to experience the full effects and can last over six hours. Tinctures, capsules and RSO’s tend to have a quicker onset time of about 15 minutes to an hour and last about as long as an edible. These are just general time frames the exact time frame that an edible experience would last depends of the individual and how quickly the body can process the cannabis.

Ingesting cannabis is an ideal way for consumers to receive the beneficial effects that cannabis has to offer without having to worry about inhaling any harsh chemicals or hot smoke. The most common form of ingestible cannabis would be edibles, THC infused food items. Be sure to discuss any dietary restrictions of allergies with your customer when discussing edibles. In addition to edibles we have other ingestible products like tinctures, RSO’s, capsules and suppositories.

Generally ingesting cannabis gives the user the most controlled experience in terms of being able to accurately measure the amount of cannabinoids the user desires. In the next sections we will be individually going over the different types of ingestible cannabis we carry in our store. 


Limited to 100 milligrams of THC per package. Since it is like a food item, customers may ask for vegan or gluten free selections so be sure to check ingredients. Most tend to be THC only although we do have some CBD/THC ratios available. Some edibles get made with different forms of THC infusion- so knowing the difference between a live resin, rosin/hash, or distillate formula is important. 

  • Gummies:
    • Available in indica, sativa, or hybrid.
    • Dosed from 5, 10, or 20 mg per piece.
    • Available in strain specific formulations
  • Chocolate
    1. Available mostly in hybrid.
    2. Dosed from 5, 10 and 100 mg per piece.
  • Baked Goods
    1. Comes in indica, sativa or hybrid.
    2. Dosed at 5, 10, 40 and 100 mg per piece.
  • Drinks
    1. Available mostly in hybrid or indica.
    2. Dosed at 10 and 100 mg per package.
  • Mints
    1. Available in indica, sativa and hybrid.
    2. Dosed at 2.5, 5 and 20 mg per package.
  • Other:
    1. Peanut butter, hybrid in 100 mg jars.
    2. Granola, indica, sativa and hybrid, 80 mg per package. 


Unlike edibles, tinctures do not have the same limits on the content of THC, tinctures are beneficial for individuals with chronic needs since the tinctures tend to have a lower price per mg of THC. 

  • Commonly MCT oil based although we do have some olive oil based ones as well. When considering dosage note that too much oil can upset the stomach
  • Wide variety of ratios from all CBD to all THC and in between. Choosing the correct ratio will depend on the needs of the customer.
  • Can be swallowed or taken through sublingual absorption
  • Not recommended for cooking with or mixing with water.
  • Water soluble tinctures are better for mixing but not baking.
  • We also have tinctures for pets commonly Vet CBD. 


Very similar to tinctures but with slightly less dosage customization. 

  • Come in a variety of ratios
  • More portable and discreet than tinctures
  • Many are still MCT oil based but tend to have smaller amounts.
  • No unpleasant flavor
  • Precise dosage but limited flexibility since these caps cannot be cut in half. 

RSO’s/ FSO’s 

Ricks Simpson Oil or Full Spectrum oils is a thick syrupy cannabis extract used for many different conditions. Hailed as the original cannabis extract, RSO/FSO is meant to be ingested, however it can be used topically as well. 

  • Commonly sold in one gram syringes
  • THC formulation range upwards of 500mg in a single gram.
  • We carry high CBD, high THC and a few ratios in between
  • Used by those that want a higher mg than what edibles or tinctures can provide.
  • Best consumed with some kind of fat to help absorption.
  • Very strong flavor that is not easily masked.
  • Two main extraction methods ethanol or Co2. 


  • Vaginal suppositories tend to be used in relieving menstrual cramps, to ease and enhance intimacy, or a soothing balm for localized pelvic discomfort.
  • Rectal suppositories are commonly used for soothing inflation and pain as well as enhancing intimacy.
  • It should be noted that while many of these suppositories are safe to eat they are oil based and may not be compatible with latex accessories.
  • Depending on the formulation suppositories can contain different ratios of CBD and THC which should be discussed with the consumer to find the best fit for their needs. 

It puts the lotion on its skin… 

For those individuals that want to benefit from cannabis but cannot have it in their system topicals are a great alternative. Most topicals are non-transdermal meaning they don’t get into the blood stream. Cannabis topicals come in creams, salves, body oils and patches. We do have transdermal topicals and patches so be sure to discuss the difference with the customers. Generally topicals can help with: muscle pain, inflammation, and some skin irritation. Cannabis topicals come in a variety of ratios from all CBD to all THC and in-between. Selecting the correct ration will depend on the customer’s need. Topicals tend to provide subtle, innocuous relief perfect so the applications and benefits are limited. It is not uncommon to have to reapply multiple times in the affected area before the desired effects are achieved.

Cannabis patches are another option for relief without having to reapply often, most patches claim to last upwards of 24 hours. Most of the patchers that we carry tend to be transdermal. We also have some specialized topicals like lubes and balms for dogs. Our store has carried both water based and oil-based lubricants. 

are you 21 years old?

are you 18 years old with medical rec/card?