captain jacks Rewards Program

Check-In at one of many iPads in store and sign up to start collecting points


phone number required to participate

confirmation text required at checkout to verify points

One loyalty profile per customer

no utilizing points from any other profile or number

profile name must match id to redeem points

phone number attached to profile must match current number 

to switch numbers, please notify management 

50 Points for the First sign-in

10 Points for every visit and login after

double points for logging in on mondays!

50 Points:
$2.00 Reward

(one time redemption)

50 Points:
Free Captain Jacks Pair of Socks

50 Points:
Free Hot or Cold Cup from the Swag Bar

60 Points:
Free Captain Jacks Hat

80 Points:
Free Captain Jacks Women's Tank Top

80 Points:
FREE Captain Jacks

120 Points:
15% OFF Extracts

140 Points:
15% OFF Cartridges

160 Points:
20% OFF Edibles

180 Points:
Free Captain Jacks Hoodie!

200 Points:
25% OFF Mid Shelf Flower 1/8th

(1/8ths Priced between $31.99 - $39.99)

240 Points:
$10.00 OFF Reward

300 Points:
$20.00 OFF reward

350 Points:
50% OFF Private Reserve 1/8th

(1/8ths Priced $50 & up)

650 Points:
Free 13in. Bio dab rig

850 Points:
free 18in. roor water pipe

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